Formal resolutions


That the hours of session be:

  • 2:00pm – 5.30pm on Sunday 1 October
  • 8:30am – 12:30pm on Wednesday 4 October (if required)


  • That the Agenda for Annual Meeting be endorsed.


  • That tikanga Māori apply during the hui session.

Speaking time

  • That Neil Hammond and Stuart Trounson be appointed time-keepers at this Annual Meeting.
  • That there be a time limit on speeches of three minutes for the mover of a motion and two minutes for subsequent speakers.
  • That a statement made in response to an answer to a question on the National Executive Report be limited to one minute.
  • That the time limit for speaking on any “hot issue” shall be 3 minutes.
  • That a single warning bell will be rung 1 minute from the end of a speaker’s allocated time. At the end of the allocated time the bell will ring twice and the microphone will be switched off.

Advisory Committee

  • That a President’s Advisory Committee be established consisting of:
    • Louise Green (Chair)
    • Judith Karaitiana
    • Tony Dillon
    • Kirsten Dolfing
    • Kay Schimanski
    • Bridget McCall
    • Merearihi Whatuira