Trouble getting the app?

We're aware of an issue where some devices can't get the app while on the conference Wi-Fi. If this is happening to you, you'll find that all the session materials are also available on the Programme page.

Get the NZEI events app


We have an app of our very own! We'll be using this to share resources and documents, create profiles, and personalise the agenda. Follow the links below to download the app on Apple and Android. If you're using a laptop, or if you have trouble installing the apps on your phone, use the mobile web version.

How to get the app

I have an Android tablet or phone

Get the NZEI Android app on the Google Play Store.

I have an Apple iPhone or iPad

Get the NZEI iOS app on the Apple App Store.

I have something else

Use the web version of our app. It works great on laptops and mobile phones!

Once you've installed the app on your device, the app will walk you through the process of setting up your account.

If you have never used the app before, you need to make a new account.

If you used the app at last year's conference, you should use the same one from last year. Use the reset password feature if you can't remember that password. (And that's okay! It's been a whole year!)

For security reasons, NZEI staff cannot see what your password was, and we cannot reset your password for you. However, we can help you through the process of doing it yourself.

Select your workshops before you attend

This year, we're using the app for workshop registration. So once you've logged into the app, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the "Schedule" and scroll down until you come to the 6 workshops that are on Monday 2 Oct, 15:00-16:30
  2. Select one by clicking on the toggle to say you are "attending"
  3. Do the same for the 7 workshops that are scheduled for Tuesday 3 Oct, 10:15-11:45
  4. Closer to Annual Conference, keep an eye on the workshop you selected for the room allocation.

Step by step...

Step 1: open the schedule

Step 1: open the schedule

Sign into the app and look for the schedule.

Step 2: Find your workshops
If you're using the web app...

Use online resources in workshops and Annual Meeting

Each session in the schedule, including the Annual Meeting, has its own spot in the app.

Check under the Links heading part way down the page.

There, you'll find links to all the resources you'll need for that session. Just tap the item you're interested in to read it on your screen. You can also make your own notes about each session.


Help, I'm stuck!

Got a bit stuck? Don't worry—NZEI staff and dedicated tech buddies are here to help. Wave down a NZEI staff member or anyone with a yellow lanyard.