Hot Issues

Monday 1:00pm

This session was led by Mark Potter and Raewyn Himona

  1. Manpreet Dhaliwal – Papakura. Issue around teacher stress and workload. Because teachers are stressed they are deciding to leave the profession and go relieving. Schools need to provide Employer Assistance Programmes to support teachers.
  2. Virginia Heta – Otepoti. How can we enhance the professionalism of Kaiarahi-i-te-reo and ensure members have a career pathway again?
  3. Cherie Gurney – North Shore. NZEI needs to be concerned about the teachers. We worry about the children yet teachers are important too.
  4. Michelle Ryan – Waikato. The percentage of priority learners at her school is about 19% where is the resourcing and funding to support these students in the mainstream
  5. Donna Moses-Heeney – AT Otepoti. Inclusive schools requires all students to be in the classroom and be supported by a teacher. Why is there no support from the MoE?
  6. Maree Conaglen – Waiariki. Concern about the issues for Kindergarten Teachers in Auckland and we have seen information in the papers. In Rotorua they already run a 7 1/2 hour day and work during the holidays because of these changes teachers are stressed and over worked. NZEI needs to look at what they are doing for early Childhood. We need support from the rest of the union as we are not being supported by primary teachers
  7. Karen Nunes – Franklin. She trained in South Africa as an Early Childhood teacher however when she came to NZ she worked as a Primary School Teacher. She was concerned about how children were learning in NZ. She has incorporated “learning with play” into her programme and has had much success.